Sania Maskatiya Collection at PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week April 2014


The final show of Act 1 was presented by acclaimed designer label Sania Maskatiya who introduced a complete collection titled “Kuamka: Awakening”. For ‘Kuamka: Awakening’, the Sania Maskatiya design team draw inspirations from the spirit of Africa through the use of African geometry, aesthetics, culture and landscape to capture a continental awakening. With signature custom designed Sania Maskatiya prints, the collection was based in a variety of fabrics including crepes, chamois and organza with sequined embellishments and structured cuts. The collection harnessed the raw energy, resilience and beauty of the African continent and embarked on a journey filled with vibrant colours, vivid earthy landscapes and natural imagery. Jewellery for the brand’s presentation was facilitated by Shafaq Habib.

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