Shanakht Drama Serial on HUM TV – Synopsis and Pictures


The story revolves around Ainy, who belongs to a liberal-minded family but suddenly takes to wearing the hijab. Her family opposes her decision but she refuses to conform. Ainy’s cousin Hashim, who loves her sends a proposal for her sister instead as he too cannot accept this change in Ainy, but she refuses.  Disheartened, Hashim goes abroad for higher studies where he meets Rohan, a religious, vivacious and lively guy who changes his mindset towards religion. A series of events lead to many twists as the society rejects both Rohan and Ainy.

Will they find peace in the paths chosen by them or will the bigoted mindset of society force them to live according to its dictates?

To discover watch Shanakht, only on HUM TV.

Writer: Amna Nawaz Khan

Director: Amna Nawaz Khan

Producer: Momina Durraid (ANK Productions)

Cast: Maya Ali, Noor Hassan, Dr. Fahad Mirza and Kanza Wayn

Day/Time: Every Tuesday at 8:00 pm


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