Top 5 Reasons To Watch Fawad Khan & Sonam Kapoor Movie Khoobsurat


When it is the remake of Hrishikesh Mukherjee’s film, our expectations are sure to go sky high! Khoobsurat is one such movie, all set to release this Friday. Let’s take a look at the five biggest reasons to watch the new-age Khoobsurat!

1. Remake Of Hrishikesh Mukherjee’s Film

That Shashanka Ghosh’s Khoobsurat is a remake of the first-rate filmmaker Hrishikesh Mukherjee’s 1980 classic Khubsoorat, is a reason enough for us ardent movie-buffs to grab our tickets to watch the rom-com. Right? Going by the film’s trailer, the makers seem to have done a remarkable job! The flick appears to be a spunky affair, and won’t be categorised as just another crappy, boring comedy.


2. Fawad KhanFawad-Khan

Thanks to his Pakistani TV series, Zindagi Gulzar Hai, which became a hot thing in the recent past, Fawad Khan has gained humongous popularity among Indian viewers. Obviously, it will be an added bonus to check out the hot and sexy dude in a Bollywood flick. He is certainly one of the USPs of Khoobsurat.




3. Sonam Kapoor & Fawad Khan’s Fresh PairingFawad Khan & Sonam Kapoor ETRENDS

Sonam Kapoor romances with Fawad Khan, who debuts in Bollywood with this film. The two look fresh and interesting together, in the promos. Their brilliant chemistry has certainly bowled us over! While Sonam plays a spunky, super bubbly girl in Khoobsurat, Fawad essays a sophisticated prince. We must admit, the two seem to have done a fab job of the two diametrically opposite roles given to them.


4. Royal Romance

Looks like, Khoobsurat is a bizarre love story between a misfit, messy girl and a refined, suave prince. Interesting, no? It will definitely be an exciting experience to watch such chalk-and-cheese-like characters fall for each other amid several exhilarating situations.

5. Powerful Supporting Cast

The film excites us not because of its leading pair, but also for its supporting cast. While the much talented Ratna Pathak Shah (who can forget Sarabhai Vs. Sarabhai’s high-class Maya!) plays a classy and tasteful mother of a prince, Kirron Kher is all set to tickle our funny bones with her perfect comic timing. Truly the best treat we could have asked for!

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