Elan Lawn 2015: Exclusive Behind The Scenes Pictures


Leading luxury designer label Élan, announces the launch of their coveted Spring/Summer 2015 Lawn collection this season, Élan Lawn in collaboration with one of Pakistan’s leading manufacturers of high quality textile products, the Sapphire Group, this March 2015.

For Élan Lawn this year, designer Khadijah Shah has engaged a unique approach to design development, now introducing extensive detailing not typically found in conventional lawn prints. Each print has been artistically conceptualized and designed with diverse elements coming together to form complete compositions. The collection further features an interplay of patterns, colours and textures to give the designs depth and versatility. Élan Lawn S/S ’15 broadly seeks inspiration across continents, from varied cultural traditions and print and pattern developments through time, from their signature Sub Continental and Moroccan influences to Oriental and Ottoman Inspired patterns, to a more European ethos based on the Sicilian design heritage.

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