Cross Stitch launched its first lawn collection of 2015


Cross stitch launched its first lawn collection, 2015, from the Cross Stitch design studio in Karachi. On 14th March, their Orient Express Collection takes you on a journey to the land of oriental mystique.

Wispy as a summer breeze, or bold and bright, this collection of fine lawn prints with chiffon dupattas gives you a range that is stylish. If you aren’t going to Japan, take this journey with cross stitch. Embrace the Japanese design ethic: delicate blooms, crinkly paper fans, pen and ink, and fragile porcelain crafts all are brought to life on cross stitch’s springtime wardrobe. And the fresh colours of spring are all there…saffron, dusky blue, peapod, blooming mauve, and coral and much more..

Japanese art’s history began with the beginnings of human settlement in the area, circa 10th millennium BC. For this Orient Express Collection cross stitch has been inspired by their lanterns, vases, landscape paintings, sculpture, woodblock prints, origami and more. The range offers 16 designs to choose from, each design in one colourway, with some that have embroidery incorporated. What’s more, one can design and devise their individual style with the length of fabric. The combination of patterns in each jora is interchangeable so that it can be personalised. Besides, minimizing the hassle of putting together a complete ensemble, customers will find each packaged, ready-to-stitch outfit includes the complete trappings required.

Cross stitch lawn launch in karachi was a chic affair  with japanese inpired theme,the decor of the event also resolvd around japanese lifestyle,beautiful japanese style wooden structure was built by RAKA which was used for fashion presentation,sushis were served for refreshments,the models makeover done by nabila’s N-pro was also inspired by japanese look,the media and PR for the event was done by TAKEII.The event was largely attended by media,socialites and celebrities..



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