Umar Sayeed Lawn Collection 2015 by Imperial Textiles featuring Mahira Khan


The quickening heartbeat of true love’s first kiss. The child’s pride at presenting his first handmade valentine to Mom. The adrenaline rush of stepping off a plane with only a parachute and a prayer. Combine those feelings – and you will begin to understand how it feels to wear your first (and next) dress from the House of Umar Sayeed.

For over 25 years, Umar Sayeed’s vibrantly coloured, intricately embellished, classically designed, impeccably tailored, and innovatively styled garments have fuelled dreams, enriched trousseaus, and fulfilled indulgences for the chicest, most discerning women around. The fact that his pieces not only look like heirlooms but are just as costly is almost beside the point; because every Rupee spent on an original is offset by ten more spent on knockoffs of his designs, a thriving industry in itself.

But there is nothing like an original Umar Sayeed. Seeing, feeling, owning, and wearing a piece of that storied elegance, beauty, and richness is an experience unto itself. An experience that those who want their sartorial fantasies met within a tight budget have been treating themselves to for the past five years via the designer’s prized diffusion line of lawn prints.

This year, spring is in bloom once again upon the yards of shimmery lawn that Umar Sayeed has painted with his exquisite aesthetic. He has partnered with Imperial Tex for Spring/Summer 2015, a collection whose understated yet delightful colours and silky soft fabrics caress the form like dewy flower petals, making you look no less striking than a rose. And it is the screen’s prettiest rose who graces its campaign. The enchanting Mahira Khan, as captured by golden lensmen Ather Shahzad, mysteriously beckons us into a tropical paradise. With such sumptuous prints on offer, who could possibly refuse to follow her???


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