Jafferjees @ Telenor Fashion Pakistan Week 2015


Jafferjees, a name synonymous with leather, has transformed fine leather products into individual works of art. With 125 years of experience, Jafferjees now provides an array of genuine leather products globally!

Over the past 125 years Jafferjees has transformed the creation of genuine leather goods into an art form, becoming premium manufactures of leather products in Pakistan. The Jafferjee family established their business in the capital city of Baluchistan, Quetta. In 1935 a massive earthquake transformed the city of Quetta to heap of rubble which forced the family to move to the booming port city of Karachi. Today, Jafferjees produces a wide array of products from Key Fobs to Ladies Handbags. Gaining popularity in Pakistan, Jafferjees decided to open their product range to discerning international customers. Thus, it opened its door for business in the metropolitan city of the east – Dubai in 1994.



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