Sanam Chaudhri Collection @ Telenor Fashion Pakistan Week 2015


It’s taken but five years to take Sanam Chaudhri from forging a fashion house to becoming the pride of Pakistan herself.  With each new development in enterprise and artistry, her clothing brand continues to unfold the multi-faceted charm of a SANAM CHAUDHRI woman.

Having graduated with a degree in textile design from The Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture, Sanam first garnered significant experience working as an interior designer for the estimable Naheed Mashooqullah.  However, she soon decided to follow a passion closer to heart, and launched her maiden pret collection at LABELS in 2008.  Just two years later, Sanam was showing at Fashion Week Pakistan (2010).

As testament to her uncompromising drive and superlative creativity, Sanam has been nominated twice for LSA Best Pret Design (2011 and 2012), presented with the Ladies Fund Award for Achievement in Fashion Design (2012), and nominated as one of the Ponds Miracle Journey Women (2014). Preserving and promoting her country’s culture has always dominated Sanam’s ambition, both personal and professional. In being elected Chairperson of Fashion Pakistan last year, her opinions and persuasions are playing a key role in doing just that. And for this, Sanam could not feel more gratified.

Although her design focus has mainly been Eastern wear, Sanam has also delved successfully into global couture. This has enabled her to stock in popular boutiques, as well as exhibit, in London, Dubai, Delhi, and Singapore.  The SANAM CHAUDHRI clientele spans all ages, from the vivacious radical to the romantic traditionalist; each finding a perfect fit for her personality and lifestyle.

Sanam finds that her design philosophy and native aesthetic have conjoined, over the years, to echo a particular sensibility; that allure lies in what remains an enigma, and that what is most enduring is a woman’s inner grace. Indeed, her latest luxe line, ‘Bano’ seeks to reveal just this — discretion is the better part of glamour.


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