Erum Khan To Showcase “The Untainted Shine” at PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week 2015


Erum Khan might be firmly established as a respected Pakistani fashion designer, but she plans on reinventing her style with her latest ambitious prêt wear collection, called The Untainted Shine. It is mere days till the unveiling of Erum’s stunning luxurious creations at the PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week 2015, one of the leading events on Pakistan’s fashion calendar, which kicks off from 18th April, 2015, in Lahore. Erum Khan will be showcasing her collection on the fourth and final day of the fashion week, falling on 21st April, 2015, from 4:30PM onwards.

Erum Khan is well known for ­stylishly combining ethnic ­designs and contemporary silhouettes with the use of traditional embroidery techniques, and for The Untainted Shine collection, she has opted for the use of hand worked embellishments on all ensembles. Colors will include cream, eggshell, ivory and vanilla whites, as well as her signature use of nudes. The inspiration behind the designing of this collection has been to make every girl feel like a princess – the use of motifs such as flowers and embellishments such as stunning pearls, further accentuate this theme.

The Untainted Shine collection exudes an old world charm with a hint of sensuality. The high-waist skirts, button-up shirts and sheer long dresses have been designed to compliment every girl’s individuality without overpowering it.

Erum Khan [3]


Speaking about her exciting new collection, Erum Khan states, “I am very excited to showcase this collection. I have put in a lot of hard work in creating it, and I cannot wait to see how people react to it. This is my most ambitious collection so far. My team and I have worked through days and nights for the past two months on this collection. I have aimed for a very chic look through the use of materials such as white organza and chamois silk which have been further complimented with the use of pearls, diamantes and 3D flowers”.



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