Breaking down barriers: the hot Pakistani online startup that offers chic western wear


House of Latif, a Lahore based start up, launched its creative western wear brands for women at the Cosa Nostra. Touted as first of their kind online stores for Pakistan, House of Latif is set to drive new standards for the fashion industry. The company has a two-pronged innovative model. The made-tomeasure service, by the name of Zuria Dor, is accessible to a global audience including Pakistan. Ready-to-wear clothing, by the name of Dara Enzo, is presently only offered in Pakistan.

But the vision isn’t merely restricted to providing a solution to the world’s fashion industry, it is also looking into growing a new base of manufacturing for a nation that once produced the economic roadmap plan for South Korea. It is just as much about providing high quality affordable products, as it is about equipping a workforce with new thoughts and new barriers to break. As a country with the highest youth population, it is the entrepreneurs who must provide opportunities and connect nations, as they are the real drivers of economic growth and innovation.

The start up does away with the brick & mortar concept and is based online, offering delivery to over 150 global destinations. From the time a made-to-measure order is placed, it is delivered within 2-3 weeks; ready-to-wear orders are completed within 2-3 days. Zuria Dor prices start at PKR 20,000, Dara Enzo products range from PKR 5,000 to PKR 12,000. The fabrics are carefully sourced from manufacturers across the globe.

The vibe at the pop up store was in sync with the entrepreneurial energy of the team and their drive. Co-founders Kinza and Madiha Latif combined their flair for fashion, technology, photography and house music to create an upbeat and vibrant atmosphere. The entire team was accessible and passionate in discussing ideas. Customers were allowed to feel and try on a carefully curated selection ranging from casual, semi formal to formal so they may gauge the quality of the product that will be delivered to their door

The online stores, when officially launched, will be accessible through or at and Information on product releases and related activities will be broadcasted on Instagram @houseoflatif and online at


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