Wardha Saleem Lawn by Shariq Textile 2015: Exclusive Behind The Scenes Pictures & Video


A textile design graduate from the prestigious Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture, Wardha Saleem is in sync with her passion to create and experiment. Wardha Saleem’s creations speak volumes for her deep understanding of textile, fashion, art and crafts. By blending traditional and indigenous techniques, contemporary cuts and designs, Wardha is well known to create the ultimate taste of fusion. Today, her eponymous brand is known for brilliance in print and design.

BTS Video

The collection is an amalgamation of vibrant colors and brilliant patterns from various traditions translated in designer’s own modern signature style. The concept behind this collection is to weave various traditional arts and motifs from around the world and incorporate them into our own identity.

This collection of 14 designs comes with chiffon duppatas and satin/lace accessories. The collection unveils a journey through different traditions with inspirations varying from the colors and patterns of our subcontinent, to the extremely refined flora of the Moghul era. From the intricate motifs of Persian Carpets, to the popular culture of animal prints and floral motifs.

With emphasis on intricate and elaborate embroideries on a rich and vibrant color palette in the designers’ signature style, Wardha Saleem Lawn prints depict true luxury and sophistication, suitable for any occasion for the women of today.


BTS Pictures


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