Mera Yahan Koi Nahi Drama Serial On Geo Tv – Synopsis and Pictures


A drama serial set to air on 15th August at 8pm, revolves around an uncertain father-daughter relationship.  “Mera Yahan Koi Nahi” is written by Nusrat Jabeen and directed by Mohsin Mirza, director of “Aasmanon Pe Likha”.

The father, played by Farhan Ali Agha, denies the relation he has with his daughter from his first marriage, played by Anum Fayyaz. Both actors well-known and memorable.

Farhan Ali Agha, the father, is reluctant to disclose to the world the fact that he secretly married someone else before and had a daughter. To keep up appearances, he introduces his daughter as the daughter of a friend. Anum faces pity and loneliness; she has no one to support her in times of her highs and lows.

The title of the drama “Mera Yahan Koi Nahi” is fitting to the daughter’s situation. She has so many questions in her head; will her father ever be able to own up to being her father? What would be the reaction of her father’s second wife and daughter after the truth comes out? Will the odds ever be in her favor?

This drama touches upon the emotions and sentiments involved in a father-daughter relationship, and we see each actor doing justice to their roles.


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