Ali Xeeshan Collection at PFDC L’Oréal Paris Bridal Week 2015


The Ali Xeeshan Theatre Studio showcased a bridal collection of menswear and womenswear pieces titled “Tufaan” inspired by the movement and effect of a storm in the desert and the transformation it creates in its surroundings. Once the storm has subsided and passed, the desert transforms its character and mirages into a different form. These distinct characteristics have been infused in ‘Tufaan’s’ silhouettes, form and cut. The collection employed the latest techniques of laser cutting and makes use of new materials such as leather. Lustrous gold roses were also been integrated into the fabric to achieve a refined and glorious impact. ‘Tufaan’ also used traditional block printing but with an edgy, contemporary twist and uses rich Pakistani embroidery like Tilla and Succha work that use fine gold wires. The colour palette for ‘Tufaan’ comprised of the earthy tones with reference to the desert which later turn into different shades of gold as the sun sets over the desert making for an interesting combination of earthy tones and a fiery sky. Renowned film personalities Meesha Shafi and Sohai Ali Abro participated in the designer’s showcase as showstoppers.



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