Bank Alfalah Rising Talent Show at PFDC L’Oréal Paris Bridal Week 2015


The Bank Alfalah Rising Talent Show featured individual capsule presentations by 4 designers:

Faiza Saqlain showcased her bridal collection ‘The Regal Dawn’ at the Bank Alfalah Rising Talent Show at PFDC L’Oréal Paris Bridal Week 2015. The collection encompasses the glory of Elizabethan Era when Queen Elizabeth 1 reigned. The collection took deep inspiration from the Queen’s gowns which were gorgeously hand embroidered giving a very prized look, mirroring the prosperity and energy of the age. The opulent dresses were a mixture of sheer and opaque. It included self jamawars, kundun zari net and a variety of other pure textured fabrics. The garments included couture details and finishes and silhouettes come out as a fusion of both eastern and western cuts. There was a strong emphasis on the motifs of the garments relating to that era having intricate embroidery details including pearls, stones and other contemporary material used in hand embellishment. The color palette included variation of skin tones and gold along with teal and magenta colours. This year’s bridals include the use of sheer fabrics giving a whimsical and romantic feel to the silhouettes. It included full skirts cinched in at the waist; regal look remains a statement this season. One may have found exaggeration in the garments having puffy sleeves and exaggerated collars reminiscent in that era glory.

JEEM by Hamza Bokhari showcased the bridal collection titled “Ruzzkiy Kukly” as part of the Bank Alfalah Rising Talent Show at PFDC L’Oréal Paris Bridal Week 2015. “Ruzzkiy Kukly” is a tale of the journey of a Babushka Doll who visited Pakistan. The collection amalgamated rich fabrics; tissue, net, velvet and silk which transgresses into designs that represented elegant sheerness. The sophisticated structured silhouettes were adorned with twisted embellishments accompanied by a royal colour palette inclusive of jewel tones ranging from gold to ruby and magenta, paired with the luxurious effect of purple and teal.

Maheen Taseer showcased her new bridal collection, “Vailliant”; the French word for Valiant, at the Bank Alfalah Rising Talent Show at #PLBW2015. The collection aspired to revive traditional designs in a contemporary way and focused on the rich legacy of our traditional fabrics – silks, brocade and velvets with antique embellishment techniques set in opulent colors of maroons and reds. Maheen envisions the MGT bride as being a good wife, a nurturing mother and yet have the courage to follow her heart and be a highly qualified professional as well, setting an example for change. “The collection is dedicated to my brave husband Shahbaz Taseer who has taught me to stand tall in adversity – who’s courage and values I am in awe of and inspired by every day.” It is no coincidence that the name of the collection was Vailliant; the French word for ‘valiant’, or to mention it’s other meanings- brave, heroic, bold, and determined.

For her debut collection, she’s tried to keep each cut different from the other, so the versatility of her aesthetic shined through. The collection incorporated luxurious materials; brocade, velvet and net adorned with embellishments of Swarovski crystals, pearls, antique dabka and gota. The cuts are centered around eastern bridal cuts – voluminous and floor scraping lehngas and gharararas. The color palette was based on the spectrum of reds and maroon with hues of gold.


Fashion designer Zarmisha Dar showcased her new bridal collection, “Gullistan” at the Bank Alfalah Rising Talent Show at #PLBW2015. The collection’s design philosophy was to magnify femininity while working with fine materials delicate embroideries with outstanding quality and paying immense diligence to stitching. The inspiration was derived from the Turkish word “Gullistan” which translates to “Garden of Roses”. The aim of the collection was to provide something luxurious yet simple combined with sophistication and sensual style with short lengths whether it be a straight shirt or with lots of volume in this collection infused with sheer fabric. With a pastel colour palette and soft, sheer sleeves with hints of lace, the collection featured a lot of net, clean cuts and use of traditional gota and dabka cora, incorporating thread work in this collection.


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