Elan Collection at Fashion Pakistan Week 2015


Hitherto, man has found beauty in nature’s deceitful craftiness. Humans have entered a lifelong pursuit to discover all living things that exist. What we admire is bewitchingly beautiful but also treacherous. Following the thread of an unpredictable relationship with nature, Élan presents its 2016 collection taking inspiration from nature’s savage beauty.

The collection is spry of botany and zoology. An amalgamation between antiquity and modernity, the collection expresses a thrilling ambiance. Escaping into a spectacular forest dark yet vivid, rich with encrusted details we have crafted an awe-inspiring experience.  Materials used for details include iridescent colored stones and crystals. Utilizing patching techniques, large capes, jackets and stoles are patched with elements forming scenes of strange wilderness. Voluminous skirts depict profound detailed scenes in print. Each piece from the collection portrays a particular scene and emotion and creates an impression of dark elegant glamour; captivating to view and thrilling to wear.


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