Nilofer Shahid Collection at Fashion Pakistan Week Winter / Festive 2015


Nilofer Shahid’s creative obsession with the great Dutch artist Rembrandt, is not difficult to understand. He has fascinated the imagination of millions over the centuries, but perhaps no one in history has paid tribute to his work in the form of couture. Nilofer’s, Rembrandt collection is in many ways a conversation between two artists, a powerful expression of her applause for the Master! The collection, represents the five main attributes of his artistic career. Etching; Chiaruscuro (light and darkness); Baroque; Military; Melancholy. Garments from each category reflect some of his most celebrated paintings, and would require years of research to truly understand. Every dress has a story, treated in layers, never drifting from its artistic dialogue, with each paying tribute to the artist’s feeling at the moment of creation. Ultimately, the collection’s showstopper is inspired by what is considered one of Rembrandt’s most famous romantic painting, “The Jewish Bride,”- a work of awesome solemnity yet representing the greatest fusion of spiritual and physical love, unsurpassed in the history of painting!


“It is believed that no artist has researched and understood the human soul, so movingly and convincingly, like Rembrandt!”



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