Umer Sayeed Collection at Fashion Pakistan Week Winter / Festive 2015


Umar Sayeed is undoubtedly Pakistan’s pride and is also one of the grandest luxury labels from the region. Since 1989, his name is synonymous with the revival of our age-old textile and heritage. Using his ensembles as a canvass, he plays with rich textiles and detailed embroideries of Pakistan to create stunning and contemporary images, which are truly reflective of a modern, progressive Pakistan.

Umar is regarded as one of the premiere fashion designers of the Subcontinent who in the last two decades has not only introduced a number of fashion statements, but also has revived many a dying crafts.

Umar has shown extensively in the US, Hong Kong, UK, Bahrain, UAE and India. He has been invited to showcase his collections Fashion Pakistan Week and Dubai Fashion Week.

Along with his atelier in Karachi, he maintains presence in Lahore, Dubai, London, Miami, New York and Hong Kong.


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