Zaheer Abbas Collection at Fashion Pakistan Week Winter / Festive 2015


Gulon mein rung bharay baad-e-naubahaar chalay…

Chalay bhi aao kay gulshan ka kaarobaar chalay !!!

The designer Zaheer Abbas presents the lyrical “Baad-e-naubahaar” collection inspired by a soulful sonnet of the poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s, the poetry depicts a longing for the return of beloved, a portrayal of a distressing soul with a wishful heart.

Based on color palette of black, plush pinks, pastels and rich tones of maroons, the collection showcases master craftsmanship with intricate hand embroideries in thread, naqshi, gota & various forms of crystals and pearl beading with a balanced progression from gold to silver embellishments.

Abbas uses floral patterns on enigmatically beautiful color palate to define the modality of the sonnet. The silhouettes recasting the traditional into modern, creating a lyrical bespoke festive collection.


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