Nickie Nina collection at 11th Telenor Bridal Couture Week 2015


Our collection, Neh Shikar, is a commemoration of wild life in its natural habitat. We at NickieNina are strongly against the hunting of animals. Nature and wild life have always been an integral part of the fashion industry, usually at the expense of the subject. In this collection, we are treating nature as a piece of art, something that shouldn’t be harmed or disturbed but appreciated in its living being.

We at NickieNina have always been inspired by the traditions of our culture. Our Rajput roots have always made their way into our designs. In this collection, we have revived classic cuts from the Rajput era, most of which have been handed down to us over generations. We have taken those silhouettes and brought them back to life with a modern spin. The collection incorporates the signature style of NickieNina, the versatility of which weaves into the workmanship. A vast range of techniques, fabrics and colours are all alligned in form of a dialogue. Silk, jamawar, organza and velvets have been joined with thread and zardozi to depict picturesque scenery from the natural habitats.  We have used traditional techniques such as zari work, balochi taankas and resham work, fused with modern techniques like crystal work. This amalgamation of traditional with the modern can also be seen in our colour palette, where we have used conventional reds and maroons and also a range of modern pastels.


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