Rani Emaan collection at 11th Telenor Bridal Couture Week 2015


Rani Emaan’s is an original force in the industry and maintains a distinct style through its designs, which set a distinct mood and outline the finest trends each season. The brand displays collection after collection brimming with creative variation and clothing marvels. The strive is to infuse orientalism into modernism. Henceforth, Rani Emaan’s always longs to have an indelible impact on womenfolk by making them feel great about them and have fun with fashion. The signature line celebrates the essence of classicism in which Greek architecture has been the subject of inspiration. The endeavor has been to amalgamate classical patterns such as Temple of Zeus and Greek columns with modern artistic shapes. These designs are well silhouetted and colored by assortment of shades found in a splendiferous aquarium. We are fervently looking forward to converting floral and architectural design into 2D or 3D work which gives the illusion of depth through protruding objects embroidered on fabric quite intricately and beautifully.



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