Nilofer Shahid collection at 11th Telenor Bridal Couture Week 2015


Woman’s existence – a celebration!

NiloferShahid in her collectionWoman’s existence – a celebration!

brings forth the story of every woman’s life. The journey is captured from the moment she becomes a bride and ventures into the unchartered waters of the real world where its complexities present a million challenges to her. It is her metamorphosis from an innocent being having led a protected life into a strong and powerful woman who takes on the challenges of the practical world diligently. Trials and tribulations of human existence must be tackled by her intelligently and with a strength of character that draws its energy from the forces above- what she eventually flowers into is a being that is ethereal with the spirit of the creator flowing through her veins. She cannot be seen as only a harbinger of peace and love but her struggle as a warrior that actually helped bring about that peace must be acknowledged and honored. She is simultaneously the nurturer and nature itself- She herself is the ‘The Tree of Life’ which takes its roots from the deepest recesses of earth’s core, unfolds the story of the struggle of humanity and eventually blooms out into creation of harmony and balance with the ‘spiritual’ in all of us set free, reaching out to the high heavens above. The collection Woman’s existence – a celebration! is undoubtedly a celebration of a journey of self realization and self actualization -every level experienced by a woman culminating into her emergence as a complete, coherent and magnanimous being, who is indeed glorious to behold!


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