Asifa & Nabeel collection at 11th Telenor Bridal Couture Week 2015


Travelling back into Mughal period, what really caught our eye was, “tehzeeb.It reflected through all the personalities of the era: how the genius architects planned wonders of the world, how the historians documented the daily doings, how the painters delivered drop of hues to the fragile buds, how the musicians let the symphonies flow, how ‘Nazars’ were offered, how thank you and gratitude was delivered, how appreciation of beauty was unfolded in treasures or how ‘takhalus’ was thought.Silhouettes of the garments will give a glimpse of the stylized calligraphy of the era. The colors and embroideries have been borrowed from the royal court and the beautifull paintings of Mughal era. Our collection will deliver the beauty of ‘Naaz o Nakhra’ of the royals.