Dayfresh introduces 100% Pure Australian Cow Milk in Tetra Packing


Dairyland Pvt. Ltd was introduced in market in the  year 2009, the company started with its state-of-the-art dairy farm in Dhabeji, District Sujawal in Sindh with a premium breed of Australian cattle. Dairyland is now leading brand in dairy sector, providing dairy products across Pakistan.

DairyLand is progressing day by day due to the high quality and standards of their products. Recently Dairyland Pvt. Ltd launched fresh and nutritious milk in TetraPack with no additional preservative .

Suleman Monno
CEO Mr. Suleman Monno

A launch event was recently held in Karachi, Where the Company’s CEO Mr. Suleman Monno briefed about the journey of Dairyland Pvt Ltd and the company’s aim to produce high quality products which no other could compete with in the market.

Dayfresh have 4000 Australian cows to provide the best quality products to its consumers. And the best part is No hormonal injections are used. SOUNDS GOOD !!


The good thing we notice that Dayfresh is using state of the art technology based on value chain system from the milking process to delivery at consumers doorstep.



CEO Mr. Suleman Monno also briefed that In near future it is planned to extend the product range to breakfast category with Jams, Jellies and Juices. Might as well move into Butter and Cheese.

100% pure Australian cow milk 


Dayfresh is a Premium choice for the people who value healthy living. We call ourselves unconventionally authentic because we innovate the means to revive the long forgotten realness in the dairy world. Day Fresh offers 100% Real Wholesomeness of dairy to consumers affirming their invincibly real selves.


CEO Mr. Suleman Monno also said: “Our promise is backed by complete tractability of our Australian cows because we have single source of milk production from our own farm. Hence quality can be ensured at each level. Our cows are 100% Australian Holstein Friesian & Jersey breed which is the best in the world. Our milking process in completely mechanized state-of-the-art farms follow the strict guidelines of health and sanitation.Dayfresh offers pure milk with no human touch, hormones or antibiotic injections which results in more digestible, healthier and tasteful milk.”




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