Sunsilk Launches Fashion Edition Bottles 2016


Sunsilk unveiled its much anticipated Fashion Edition Bottles for 2016 in an exclusive fashionable gathering held at Alliance Francaise. The event was attended by Pakistan’s most celebrated fashion designers, celebrities, socialites and media.

The Fashion Edition bottles for 2016 are designed by four renowned fashion designers including Sana Safinaz, Nomi Ansari, Khaadi and Deepak Perwani. Since 2013, Sunsilk has been commemorating PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week by commissioning very fashionable designer bottles every year.

Fashion impresario Frieha Altaf kicked off the evening by welcoming the guests, and invited Nabila to reveal her Hair Trends for Sunsilk at PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week. Each of these 4 trends reflected a different variant of Sunsilk’s newly designed Fashion Edition bottles

“It was fun working on the Sunsilk Designer Bottles and designing hair for each variant. We did sleek, Perfect Straight Hair, we created big, abundant Thick and Long hair, we went sharp and edgy for Black Shine hair and carefully couture hair to provide Hair Fall Solutions” said Nabila.

Fia, Farwa, Fouzia and Hira_1198x800


The color themes, Purple by House of Sana Safinaz, Pink by Nomi Ansari, Black by Khaadi and Mustard by Deepak Perwani, on the Fashion Edition bottles feature design with complete looks of hair and outfit of the four celebrated fashion designers.

Fariyha Subhani, Director Marketing HPC said, “At Sunsilk we believe that every girl deserves beautiful hair. If you’re dressed to the hilt, have new shoes and are excited about a day spent with your friends, the look will not be complete unless your hair makes you happy. We want black shiny hair, we look for hair fall solutions, we applaud thick and long hair and crave perfect straight hair. Sunsilk being Pakistan’s leading Hair care brand has been delivering the same to the Pakistani consumer over many decades”

When the bottles were unveiled by an airborne girl who swung down from the rooftop amidst much applause to unveil the four bottles, the designers and their models were presented by Frieha. The designers then spoke of their muse for each of their designs.

Speaking of their inspiration, Sana Safinaz highlighted, “Our muse behind creating the Sunsilk Limited Edition bottle was the transition between seasons. The design embodies the freshness of the change in season and an extension of our Spring/Summer 2016 floral theme.”

BTS Perfect Straight Sana Safinaz By Amna Babar for Sunsilk Fashion Edition ’16

Nomi Ansari spoke of the inspiration behind his look saying. “My inspiration behind designing the Sunsilk Limited Edition bottle came from a distinct feminine flair with pink and blush tones that make for a striking statement. Floral printed silhouettes matched the soft and romantic tone of the collection, which comprised of textured layers, botanical prints with a hint of metallic shine (glitter) which brings out the true essence of this color.”

BTS Thick and Long Nomi Ansari by Zara Abid for Sunsilk Fashion Edition 2016 

Shamoon Sultan of Khaadi said, “Our muse behind the Sunsilk Limited Edition bottle is an extrovert, who gives life to her surroundings and her gregarious nature adds depth to the world.”

BTS Black Shine Khaadi by Sunita Marshall for Sunsilk Fashion Edition 2016 

Deepak Perwani’s look was all about individualism, when he said, “This season’s look is all about individualism! Playing with hair and edgy styles compliment Deepak Perwani’s differentiated design aesthetic, capturing the designer’s ethos and inimitable self-expression.”

BTS Thick and Long Nomi Ansari by Zara Abid for Sunsilk Fashion Edition 2016 


Four renowned models including Sunita Marshal, Cybil Chaudhry, Amna Babar and Nooray Bhatty were seen representing each designer and wearing their signature pieces to emulate the illustration on their respective Sunsilk Fashion Edition Bottles.


Hosted by Frieha Altaf, the Sunsilk Fashion Edition reveal was an elegant affair attended by key national media, designers and celebrities. Anisa and Amina Rashid Khan of RAKA were responsible for the exquisite setup at the venue reflecting the chic designs of the bottles. ​Nabila Revealed her Hair Trends for Sunsilk with Farwa, Fia, Hira Ijaz and Fouzia.



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