Dermo Viva Launch in Lahore


All the mommies….Get the Perfect Care products for your Babies..

Dabur is very popular Brand which is known because of its natural products but the most Surprising thing is this They have launched Baby products (Dermo Viva)with the complete range That includes Baby Shampoo,Baby oil,Baby Lotion and Baby soft cream.The most attractive thing is this that all of the Dermo viva products are made of extra virgin olive oil and its completely harmless for the babies.As every mother wants the best product for their baby that is less harmful to them.So here you go Mommies this is the product which you all would love to buy as it is completely safe for the baby skin and for their health.These all Baby products don’t have any harmful chemical like Paraffins, parabens, sulphates and phthalates which can effect the babies health.

Dermo viva products are made according the sensitivity of the babies as the Dermo team did their best to give us completely natural products.These products enrich the baby skin and keeps it soft and smooth…So This is the product which can be highly recommended to the mothers as it is tested by the top dermatologists in Germany and the research proves that it is 100% safe for the babies skin.

Dermo Viva Launch in Lahore (6)

The Product Launch took place in Fortress square Lahore on 28th of February.This launch was really interesting as it was completely based on the kids care and their ability to cross the four obstacles which were actually representing the harmful chemicals and kids have to compete with them and reach to the end point that is actually the Dermo viva products.Lots of kids took participate in that activity and those who completed it in time got the hand impression given in a branded frame as a souvenir and the runners up got the coloring book and color pencils.Here are some clicks from the Launch.


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