Bank Alfalah Rising Talent Show at PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week 2016


Bank Alfalah further enhanced their association with the PFDC through the Bank Alfalah Rising Talent showcase comprising of 4 emerging designers. Indeed, Bank Alfalah’s patronage of the PFDC has grown from being a permanent banking partner to now working with the PFDC to nurture an entire generation of Pakistan’s emerging design talent, through this showcase.


Ghulam Dastgir showcased his ‘Ettal Abbey and Bavarian Peasants’ collection at PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week’s Bank Alfalah Rising Talent segment. The collection takes its inspiration from Ettal Abbey which is one of the most famous churches of Bavaria, Germany and was combined with the lifestyle of the working class of Bavaria. The concept was to blend grand, highly ornamented churches with the lifestyle of the lower working class because the church is considered to be the house of God and it showed the strength, purity and power of God. This collection revolved around Baroque and Rococo style aesthetics. Ettal Abbey church and Bavarian working classes have been chosen as subjects to manifest the equality between elite and lower class. Wool, floral lace, karandi, silk, organza and leather have been used as main fabrics. Symmetrical and asymmetrical cuts are used in the collection. Experimental surfaces have been achieved by creating 3D flowers, cutwork, blanket stitch, patchwork and braiding to be used as main embellishments of the collection. The colors mainly comprised of off white, chocolate brown, teal blue and maroon while rust was used as the accent color.

Ghulam Dastgir (6)_1203x800


Emerging designer Unza Khalid made her debut at the ‘Bank Alfalah Rising Talent Show’ segment of PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week 2016 with a collection titled ‘Melody Lay to Muddy Death’. Drawing inspiration from a pre-Raphaelite painting by John Everett Millais, the collection revolved around the main female character of Hamlet, Ophelia. The idea behind putting together this collection is to bring to light the painting’s depiction of Ophelia’s dramatic drowning and her irrepressible fascination for nature. The transparency of Ophelia’s nature and the ‘Artistic dress movement’ has been portrayed using light weight ultra-feminine fabrics like pure self-cotton-net, raw silk and organza. The garments included layering draped with sheer fabrics in order to show the intricate detailing that went into the making of the painting. Silhouettes have been inspired by the language of flowers used by Millais in the painting with cuts derived after studying flower anatomy. This collection aims to showcase the feminism of that era and pays extra attentions to details like embellishment through applique of hand painted net in some garments. Details of the landscape from the painting have been translated into the collection by using embroidery techniques like French Knots. Uncut stones and beading have been used to give the surface a rocky texture. A palette of hues was selected including tones of mossy green, deep rose, aqua greens and mustard with mossy green color as the main color because of her camouflage in natural environment. Earthy tones were the trend highlighted in this collection.

Unza Khalid_1203x800


New talent Hira Ali showcased her ‘Curiouser & Curiouser’ collection at PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week’s Bank Alfalah Rising Talent segment. Inspired by the literary tale of ‘Alice in the Wonderland’, the collection comes in a color palette comprising of chalk white and ivory with cobalt blue as the collection’s accent color. Fabrics comprised of cotton, organza, and a variety of nets. The silhouettes are such that volume comes in play with raglan and kimono sleeves alternating in the front and back of the same garment. Collars were experimented with including silhouettes with waistline cutouts with embellishments featuring 3D elements and fabric manipulation. Hira showcased minimalism in her collection and believes that it is the trend to watch out for this 2016.


Saiqa Raheem showcased its ‘Yurt’s Manifestation’ collection at PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week’s Bank Alfalah Rising Talent segment. The collection takes its inspiration from Yurts picked out from Kara-Kalpak’s way of life. The collection highlights the transition and stark contrast between the two ways a yurt is viewed as external side of the yurt is extremely plain whereas the interior is exceptionally conventional due to the usage of robs and the interweave method. The base idea was to portray the ability of the yurts to manipulate their viewer. The exaggeration of silhouettes and textures from the traditional influence with overlapping, turning and interlocking are the main elements which have been made to form texture on the surface. These surfaces were used in the garments with the long belts. The color palette revolved around grey, maroon and royal blue as surface colors while green was used as an accent color.




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