Umer Iftikhar collection at PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week 2016


Designer Umer Iftikhar showcased his “Banjaranama” collection in the high-street segment of PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week. The collection was inspired by a “Banjaranama”; a story of a guy who leaves his homeland in search of existence. He travels around the globe, returns back to embrace the sparkling sands- the fertility of his own soils- of the land he had once abandoned. He finds himself surrounded by obsolete voices of all that had gone by. He figures out his Hobo’s Heart and realizes that in this world there remains no slot for the ones who wonder. After realizing the cruel treatment of society against the transgenders, Banjaranama is a dedication to all those people who are homeless in their own homes. Fabrics used in this collection were organza and zari for the sheer look, shimmer and silks are used to get the shiny look. Karandi and cottons were also used with a colour palette covering gold, black and cream colours that were combined with traditional shades which depict the theme. Light embellishments were used with heavy embroideries, bringing life to the garments combining traditional art and craft with modern yet trendy silhouettes.


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