Making a Pledge for a #DengueSePaak Pakistan!


Dengue, over the years, has become a commonly occurring disease in Pakistan. With its increasing reach in Pakistan, dengue as affected over 60,000 people in Pakistan during the course of 5 years.

To combat this deadly disease, the Local Government & Community Development Department (LG&CDD), Health Department Punjab collaborated with Mortein (Reckitt Benckiser Pakistan) and Plan International and launched a campaign to make a #DengueSePaak Pakistan!

#DengueSePaak Pakistan was launched to spread awareness about Dengue in Pakistan. They say awareness is the first step towards bringing change. Mortein, this time around took up a social cause and used digital media to spread awareness and educate the audience about this disease.

Watch the campaign video here:

It’s great to see brands taking up social causes and working towards the betterment of Pakistan. Hats off to Mortein Pakistan for such a brilliant initiative!


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