Add color in your wardrobe with East Breakout


East Breakout is a fusion between urban chic and eastern designs, running under the clothing retailer Breakout. This collection target’s women who want to pull off eastern attire and yet look modern and hip. The collection is an epitome of style with grace while infusing pop of color and fashionable cuts. It is a pleasant addition to an already existing large number of prêt brands.

The collection is one of a kind and designed to give every female a poised look for the summer season. The collection includes Luxury Prêt, semi-formal and casual outfits. The clothes’ give a great eastern aesthetic that are in tandem with the current fashion, meanwhile being pocket friendly. The color palette is diverse with bold bright colors as well as basic color shades of white, black, gold, and yellow. The kurtis are mostly knee length with embroidered neckline and border. Each outfit is a combination of fine detailing and fusion silhouettes. Overall, the collection has a very feminine and dreamy touch.

Their stores have a trademark feel to it with open spaces and efficient floor planning. As you enter the store, their items are well organized and easy to find, especially with bright lights that provide a clearer and vibrant view of the dresses. The excellent presentation and energy of the store makes a memorable and pleasant experience for every buyer.

East Breakout is attired in clothing that is fashionable, iconic and properly fitted to every kind of fashion needs. The variety in the collection will make everyone find something for themselves or their loved ones. Any outfit is a steal – total value for money with no compromise on quality. So, if you have an eye for fashion, wear something in the right place at the right time, you know where to buy from.


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