Ufone Promotes Outsider Social Activities Amid Ramzan!


In accordance with the genuine essence of Ramzan of sharing and giving, Ufone, lately, reported a special initiative that will shed spotlight on 3 diverse humanitarian activities.


Under this new initiative, Ufone — as opposed to publicizing its own service — will give free media space for notices on TV stations, daily papers, announcements and computerized media to 3 outsider social activities.


Ufone said that these commercials, worth a huge number of rupees, will empower such social causes to connect broadly to the masses with their informant motivation and substantial backing for the advantage of the deserving.


Ufone has furthermore additionally built up the substance as well as content for this advancement on all mediums.


The three initiatives supported and sponsored by Ufone this Ramzan include, Khana Ghar by Parveen Saeed. Operation Eid Child by Sharmine Aziz and The Deewar-e-Mehrbani by Wadaan. These three initiatives have been running with utmost dedication by the heartening individuals that have founded them. Even though, they work to the best of their abilities, a little help from the general public is always a plus and that is what Ufone is seeking for these campaigns.


The motivation behind propelling this campaign in the Holy month of Ramzan is to rouse viewers to bolster the helpless and underprivileged in their groups by either doing their own demonstrations of liberality or by supporting the work of these three associations.


Ufone is highlighting these activities through a substantial electronic media battle to impart the message of goodness to all Pakistanis.


  • Deewar-e-Mehrbaani


Omer and Daniyal started the Dewar-e-Meherbani under the flag of Wadaan in Peshawar, where individuals keep garments and other necessities for others in need, not just in Ramzan but for good. Like these people, you also can be a wellspring of bliss for others. Join Wadaan in this demonstration of liberality, or begin this activity yourself in your own particular territory.


  • Khana Ghar



Khana Ghar was established by Parveen Saeed in Karachi for the sole motivation behind giving sustenance to the destitute. For a really long time now, Khana Ghar has bolstered several individuals in Karachi every day, by serving them proper food for just Rs.3. You also can go along with this respectable purpose, or begin a comparable activity in your own zone, suiting yourself.


  • Operation Eid Child


Operation Eid Child, established by Sharmine Aziz in Islamabad a year prior to date, has empowered a huge number of people to give back as boxes loaded with presents that are dispersed amongst youngsters in need, all through Ramzan and Eid. You also be a part of this extraordinary activity, or start something along these lines to your comfort!


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