The Wheels Of Change: Break the stigma of women cycling on the streets!


Lahore: Levi’s® and Critical Mass join hands for an initiative that not only promotes cycling as a healthy and eco friendly activity but also is at the essence of reclaiming public spaces for women. Critical Mass is a community of people that get together every weekend to do what they love, exploring the streets of Lahore.

Since Levi’s® invented the blue jean, we have stood for true authenticity and unique personal style. People live their lives in Levi’s®, experiencing the world and expressing themselves each and every day! “For Levi’s® this initiative is about bringing in focus a community of people where men and women get together to cycle around Lahore and break any stigmas related to women cycling on the streets. More women would ride if they felt safer and more confident, and had an organized group to join. Commuting from one place to another on a cycle in this time of extremely heavy traffic on the roads is eco-friendly and much easier. Levi’s® own Commuter™ Jeans was used for the project which is especially designed for commuting on cycles and that are presentable at work and easy to ride with having fabric innovation that seamlessly integrate performance benefits, sustainable fiber technology, and premium cotton — a pair of jeans that’s full of purpose, style, and function. It is not only liberating for women to claim their right to live how they want, Levi’s® also aims to endorse the idea of a healthy commuting through cycling” says, Mr. Hammad Sohail, Marketing Manager, Levi Strauss Pakistan.

ne of the members of the group (Critical Mass), Aneeqa Ali, emphasized on the need for women to not be intimidated by pre conceived notions or bad experiences from stopping them to reclaim the roads.
“I think we’re our worst enemy. I think we perceive what it’s already going to be like and we’ve got a real mindset issue that we need to work. Women have had it the hard way and this community is all about breaking that stigma, allowing all women to reclaim their rights and enjoy them as much as any man would,” she said.
Men and women of the group work together to make a safe community that learns the etiquettes of the roads and allows every member to cycle safely. One of the representatives of the group Ahmed Muzamil said,’ cycling in itself is a very healthy activity. I like commuting to my work because it’s easier. I am thankful to Levi’s® from bringing this project in the limelight because it will garner the right attention and give people an idea of how this community works together to make it safe and fun for cyclists to ride around Lahore or anywhere…

The Wheels of Change initiative is meant to focus on bringing communities like Critical Mass forward that encourage women to join and feel safe on the road along with men.


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