Sting Challenge energises Amir Khan


Pakistan’s favorite energy drink, Sting gives you Energy ka Jhatzzka that charges up your mood and keeps you going. Unlike other energy drinks, Sting has a refreshing unique taste and the right kicks of energy. Sting came up with a fully energetic event “Sting Challenge Round 2” starring heartthrob boxer “Amir Khan.” The first Sting Challenge took place in 2015 which allowed the youth of Pakistan to interact with the renowned boxer.

The dynamic and high spirited event was held in Royal Palm on 17th September, 2016. This time, “Sting Challenge Round 2” did not only give an opportunity of interaction but also made the audience witness the legend’s unrevealed skills. Amir Khan is a youth icon exemplifying energy and vitality and is a perfect fit for those who take up challenges and fulfill their dreams. The event entertained well known personalities such as Cybil Chaudry, Munib Nawaz, Ushna Shah, Junaid Khan, Adeel Chaudry and Shoaib Malik. The exuberant hosts Anushay Ashraf and Ali Safina filled the evening with great joy and humor. At the end, Call band made a sprightly performance and rocked the evening with their inextinguishable enthusiasm.

Sting served like a catalyst to boost energy of Amir King Khan who was seen taking up interesting challenges and experiencing his own abilities as not only a boxer but model, Cricketer, actor and singer. Sting Challenge supported and motivated the super talented boxer and helped him uplift his defeated soul for the next fight. The exquisite event was amazingly organized by JbnJaws and PR done by Cartel.


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