Bank Alfalah Rising Talent Show at PFDC L’Oréal Paris Bridal Week 2016


The Bank Alfalah Rising Talent Show featured individual capsule presentations by 3 designers:

  1. Aamina Naeem made her ramp debut at PFDC L’Oréal Paris Bridal Week 2016 as part of the Bank Alfalah Rising Talent segment with her collection titled ‘Bourgeois Mistress de Haute Naissance’. The collection takes its inspiration from an 18th century mistress Madame Pompadour, and from prominent showbiz figure Marilyn Monroe . The idea behind the collection is to bring to light the contrast between two women who existed in very different times. Madam Pompadour, who despite being a woman of rich character was restrained due to the conservative nature of society back in the 18th century and Madonna who became a symbol for feminism due to her bold personality in the world post World War 2. This collection resurrects the character of Madam Pompadour as a woman in the 1950s. The amalgamation of exquisite gowns of Pompadour with sultry dresses of Marilyn has been merged with embellished surfaces to be molded into garments to enhance the beauty of hidden feminism in women. The collection consists of dresses with nipped waist and bustier inspired by corsets and skirts that have been achieved with the help of draping.  In order to bring the stark contrast to life, fabrics like satin silk and organza along with embellished lace surfaces, embroidered floral details for embellishment. The color palette utilizes mainly different tones of the color Pink since it was Madam Pompadour who introduced the trend of ‘Pompadour Pink’ in the French court. Silhouettes are X-line for all dresses, comprising of bustier along with draped ruffles, sheer jacket and elements of half cut bows. Belts have been used to enhance the waist along with full circle skirts pinched into pleats in one piece of fabric without adding a side seam.


Making her ramp debut at PFDC L’Oréal Paris Bridal Week 2016, Maryam Amjad showcased her capsule bridal collection titled ‘Medusa’ in the Bank Alfalah Rising Talent showcase. Inspired by the under-water serene life, the collection is further inspired by the jellyfish and its lifecycle. Using fabrics such as silk and organza, Amjad has used experimental cuts with layering done through fabric and embossed screen-printing. The colour palette comprises of turquoise, white and accents of grey with silhouettes inspired by the life cycle and evolution of a jellyfish.


Sara Naqvi made her ramp debut at PFDC L’Oréal Paris Bridal Week 2016 as part of the Bank Alfalah Rising Talent Segment with her collection titled ‘Sarkash Rajkumari’. The collection portrays Naqvi’s fascination with Pakistan’s culture, history and heritage specifically with the intricacy of workmanship of the Mughal Era. Through her collection she has aimed to tell a story much like various elements of the Mughal Era. Hence, her inspiration comes from Mughal hunting scenes, better known as Shikargah, as well as the architecture and motifs of the Mughlia times. In order to achieve the royal feel of the collection, rich base fabrics like Indian tissue, tissue net and organza have been used. In order to complete the traditional personality of the collection the color palette has been chosen between classics Golds, Reds and Maroons. The silhouettes of the collection that comprised of 5 outfits were mostly A-Line and flared in order to suit the general body type of women in Pakistan.


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