Borjan the perfect glamour partner of PFDC L’Oréal Paris Bridal Week 2016


Borjan with the mantra “walk the fashion” has successfully placed itself in top fashion brands of Pakistan. When it comes to footwear, women rush to buy the best out of Borjan’s classy shoe collection which stays readily available every time. Borjan has proved to be a brand that powerfully depicts glamour and a great touch of extravagance. Its existence can be defined as a symbol of fashion and style which is unique in its own abstract.

The well renowned brand has put a firm footage in the world of glittering fashion by collaborating with the most awaited Pakistan’s Loreal Bridal Week 16 at PFDC that took place from 28th Sept till 30th Sept at Faletti’s, Lahore. Borjan flawlessly managed to come up with an exclusive shoe collection for the charismatic week. The worth admiring collection was not only displayed but also worn by the ravishing models, showstoppers and designers. The shoes designed were struck with incredible creativity and gave a complete look to its bearer.


Borjan had vivaciously gelled into the galaxy full of glitz and glam that penetrates in every part of the nation. The brand makes sure of its captivating presence by always sticking to the contemporary trend. Borjan’s contribution in PFDC reflected their zest and passion which further encouraged and entertained high end fashion in Pakistan. This joint venture represents Borjan as a shoe brand that not only overshadows all other trendy fashion but also conquers every woman’s choice and praise.


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