The ageless beauty Mahnoor Baloch all set to comeback in Khoobsurat


Mahnoor Baloch is known for her beauty and versatile acting and fans have gone through a long wait to see her make a comeback. And finally the time has come when she will there on the TV via her role in the drama Khoobsurat.

This drama is about to be launched as the teaser trailers indicated a few days ago.

Basis of the Khoobsurat plot is love of course, and the love triangle between Burhan (Azfar Rehman) and Maharukh (Mahnoor Baloch) and Meher (Zarnish Khan) promises some intense moments that fans are going to like and feel excited.

As for the teasers,they do not unfold much about the drama happenings but one aspect was apparent and that being Mahnoor in the role of Maharukh haunted by someone from her past.

What the teasers managed to highlight was the forever young touch in the beauty of  Mahnoor Baloch.



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