Kajol had some embarrassing moment at Filmfare Glamour & Style Awards


Our Dilwale girl, Kajol is one of the finest actresses we have in Bollywood, who is known for her quirky nature, beautiful features and her great falls! Yes, she accepts to be clumsy and not attentive, which is the reason she is in the headlines too. Her very close friend Karan Johar calls her a lucky mascot thanks to her great falls!

Recently, she was seen at Filmfare Glamour and Style Awards where she was wearing a black and nude colored gown with a long trail, she looked fabulous. But, unfortunately she couldn’t walk properly due to that long trail! She looks graceful all the time, but not every day is a Sunday, right?

She somehow managed to pose, and quickly went inside where the main event was happening!

Let’s see how she still managed to hide her embarrassment!


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