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There is burgeoning talk  of  a town new play  Khan who instead of being fearful of gangsters and warlords id afraid of  the  common man. Or this play is about the life of our very own political figure Imran khan The following clip previews a drama serial soon to hit TV screens that sheds light on Pakistan’s political scenario and persistently emphasis on tahreek .are they referring to tahreek-e-insaaf.

On a daily basis one watches TV talk show hosts on nearly every channel periodically monitor  debates and document  Pakistan’s snail-paced judicial process. TV anchors  such as MubashirLuqman, ShahzebKhanzada, Kamran Khan, and Kashif Abbasi  have become household name as they keep a hawk-eye  on the peccadilloes of Pakistani politicians . These news hounds often face threats from  powerful figures and the public should  recognize and appreciate their concerted  efforts; to stand as bulwarks against  the weight of political intimidation. The drama serial KHAN seems like it  may take some of the onus off their shoulders.

With this bold  televised impetus, one hopes there will be more ongoing drama serials that delve  into  Pakistan’s political scenario and that the message  journalists; -veritable beacons of truth –  dole out are communicated vis a vis  circumspect  drama scripts  rather than roundtable debates. This  purview of  relevant  political stances conveyed through TV dramas and cinema  will indubitably magnetize TV audiences who otherwise may have become jaded by TV talk shows.

One is still unsure if  KHAN will target any one particular political issue, but one hopes the narrative  sparks an interest in an audience who have previously never been interested in  politics and who when roused may rise up and make powerful contributions to improve Pakistan’s socio-political milieu.

Furthermore, since Pakistan only has  ONE preeminent ” Khan” who remains in the spotlight, it might not be wrong to conjecture that this seemingly eponymous drama serial may be based – albeit not explicitly- on this individual’s  efforts to usher in freedom and justice  and mirror his public stance of challenging the status quo.

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