A Cup of ‘Chai’ is What Your Wife Needs


Men doing substantial tasks in household more generally, are a rare phenomenon but with everything changing, why not change stereotypical opinions. Tapal Danedar’s new ad campaign emphasizes on gender roles by showing how men can share domestic responsibilities at home with their wives. Small gestures are what make marital union more and more passionate, little acts of intimation like making a cup for tea for your spouse can bring smile on their faces.

As they say that the most interesting talks usually happen over a cup of tea and what would make it more perfect is not only your husband making it but using the most loved tea brand in Pakistan, Tapal Danedar to de-stress you after a long and hectic day, how would it not make relationships stronger? Nothing can be more perfect than having an in-depth conversation with your loved ones over a cup of tea. You definitely wouldn’t need anything else when its “Tum Mein Aur Aik Cup Chai”.



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