Chai Vs Cola – Pakistan Loves Tapal Chai Zaalima!


TVC rivalries in Pakistan are an old and most spicy trend for marketing. Surely it creates a buzz for both the brands and one of the two can easily walk away with the reward of winning the battle and other has to feel the burnt of falling in the ad war without preparation. We have seen ad rivalries between Ufone and Telenor and many other brands which enthralled the audience in a way that their plain, bland ad would never.

But what happens when you jump in TVC war, not for the purpose of marketing and garnering positive response for your creativity but you enter it by blatantly copying the concept of other brand’s TVC?

Web-based social networking portals are humming after Coca-Cola Pakistan revealed its most recent TVC titled, ‘Zaalima Chai Nahi Coca-Cola Pila De’ including Sikander Rizvi of ‘Dekh Magar Pyaar Se’ acclaim. Without precedent for Pakistan. Despite hiring a good pair for it, this TVC brought a mockery to Coca-Cola as it was a total spin-off of Tapal’s recent TVC.

Tapal Danedar, the most adored tea mark in Pakistan as of late disclosed it’s new advertisement that trigger’s couple closeness by urging men to assume a part in building up their relation association with their spouses by doing a little demonstration, for example, making tea for his significant other to fortify their bond. This new promotion highlights Dobara Phir Se stars Adeel Hussain and Sanam Saeed.

The most amusing part of Coca Cola’s advertisement strategy was that they hoped to directly attack Tapal by copying their TVC concept only? That only highlighted the lack of creativity and not so out the box ideas Coca Cola’s marketing team could come up with to take on 2017’s biggest TVC war.

Returning to this current TVC wrestling Championship between Coca-Cola and Tapal Chai, it began when Coca-Cola presented their ad where they totally demonstrated their insecurity towards Tapal Chai organization by including the line where the husband declines to drink tea after a hard day at work which a tradition and culture of Pakistan, rather it said “Zalima, Coca-Cola Pilade”. It obviously indicated the amount contempt Coca-Cola has towards all the Chai craving persons and additionally all chai organizations.

Honestly speaking, Can you imagine coming home after a hectic day at the office and not getting you usual evening cup of tea, instead your wife presents you a cup of Coca Cola to calm you? It can your horrible nightmare. We desperately pray for Coca Cola to understand that by taking digs at other brands, their brand won’t be able to sail the sea.

Along these lines, returning to this Chai VS Coke fight, it’s pointless looking at them both and having to decide daily which one should you drink. So, Coca Cola dreaming that the devotees of Chai may change their affection towards tea to another by their cheap antic at advertising, it is only a false conviction! Thus, how about we have our own slogan that says “Zaalima, Coke Nahi Chai ho Jaye”

Coca Cola New Ad

Tapal’s Original Concept



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