Annus Abrar Collection at Hum Bridal Couture Week 2017


Annus Abrar presents his sense of grandiose that fuses classic glamour with modern elegance to create an indulgent bridal collection … Shehnaai. Romantic silhouettes set the mood for this imperial dream collection in a colour palette of ornate hues, jubilant bling and radiant accents to tell a decadent story that is overtly feminine. Shehnaai, as a range, features elegant concepts, delicate luxe fabrics, glamorous lashings of handwork and Annus’s iconic styled cuts and detailing to create a timeless capsule reflecting royalty of generations-past in modern times. Annus Abrar’s Shehnaai is a sprinkling of dramatic intensity, capable of evoking a story of time travel … in a royal carriage.


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