Love marriages are still not accepted, Dastaar-e-Anaa positions a big question mark.


As the old tales are narrated Dastaar e Anna gives that legendary feel. The only son who has to run the estate falls in love with a girl and marries against his mother’s choice, the story has that vintage antiquated sense.

Is love marriage still a point to propel a person? The first episode of Dastaar e Anna narrates a fact. Dastaar e Anna is a story by Amin Sadiq that narrates the hard reality.

Domination, power, and ego are still more important than a life. A beautiful Haveli full of mysteries is what Dastaar e Anna is all about.

Uzma Gilani in a conversation with Abid Ali in the very first episode describes how a husband breaks a wife’s trust and make her all greedy for him and for that she can take a life, the harsh reality of revenge exists.


Zaibunissa keeps an evil eye over his son and his daughter in law’s relationship. Faisal Rehman who is playing the role of an only son is puzzled, although he left his lavish life for his love but the proposal sent by Zaibunissa after so many years is confusing him.

The first episode has raised so many questions which are directly related to reality. The bitter truth of relationships is perfectly explained in Dastaar e Anna.

What are your  suggestions for Hashim Khan being the only son and a loving husband?

Comment below and let us know what are your expectations from Dastaar e Anna.

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