Sobremesa restaurant Review – DHA Phase 6 Karachi


Walking down lane of DHA phase 6, you can feel the buzz of restaurants reverberate through you, whether you like it or not. On lazy today, I visited a restaurant suggested by a very good friend of mine. Visiting Sobremesa had been an experience like never before. Be it the ambience, the staff or food itself, everything was par perfection. Sobremesa is the kind of restaurant where water glasses are always full, where servers know to let you dine, where you can find the perfect Khaosa or Molten Lava or any of the dishes that are so unabashedly excellent when taken seriously.

The Food

Khaosay is a popular dish among Memon Community of Karachi, I decided to give it a try and Oh boy was it good! Taste of so many flavors bursting and melting in your mouth will take you to the heaven. Imagine the noodles dipped in the most delicious curry with spicy chicken and an array of condiments which always includes crisps or Slims and a squeeze of lemon juice infront of you, tell me how can you can you resist that? I couldn’t and had one of my most favorite foods of all time!


The Drink

The ultimate summer quencher, lemonade was refreshing and wonderfully lightened with fresh mint.


The Desert

I ordered Chocolate Molten Lava Cake features warm chocolate cake filled with warm liquid chocolate. Rich, decadent, deliciously gooey explosion that can overcome your deepest troubles. You will definitely yourself wanting more and more!

I recommend this for all the food lovers, how can you not taste this pure bliss of a food?

Take a bow Sobremesa, you are par excellence.



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