Rooh Afza Wows Everyone with New TVC


I am a passionate marketer and whatever is happening in the industry, I keep an eye on that (or at least I try to do so). I have seen brands collapsing and rising to new heights overnight, all thanks to the powerful tool we have now i.e. social media. So, this time around, the brand that quite attracted me is Rooh Afza due to their thoughtful new TVC.

And all of a sudden, all those cherished memories of childhood where ammi used to give us this drink after we got home daily with a dash of lemon, when I used to have Rooh Afza flavored milk before going to school and bedtime . And the best of all, having Rooh Afza at iftaar time. Man, those were the days. The olden time of my life when the whole family used to sit together and have conversations. But then, we all grew up, but our favorite drink didn’t. They were talking about the same product-focused scenarios when major FMCG brands were investing in emotional storytelling.

To be very honest, we have had Rooh Afza since ages, however, for the last decade we had switched to another brand because Rooh Afza kind of lost the top of mind recall for consumers like me. So, when I watched the TVC that was shared on the timeline by a friend, I jumped with joy. It was so touching, and refreshing yet so close to reality. I never expected the brand to come up with something like this. It was a new approach altogether. Never seen before in the same category.

Forced by my habit of getting to know the agency behind it, I asked around and was told that it is RG Blue Communications. Indeed the team has done an amazing job. Looking forward to seeing some more creative ads by the agency. Check out their Facebook page to have an idea about the good work they have done so far.


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