Grotto Cafe Review: The Best Place for Karachi foodies


In the last decade we have seen a surge in the number of cafes opening up in Karachi. Grotto is one cool entry in the restaurant scene of Karachi. It opened in the upscale area of DHA and is located in Bukhari Commercial one of the busiest commercial areas in the locality. Since I work in the same block therefore I could not resist but to try them out.


I am more of a seafood person therefore for starters I ordered their Grilled Calamari which was absolutely love. The moment I had a bite, that was when I realized that this is not my last time at this cafe. That opened my confidence to try something different for main course and that is why I ordered Thai Kimchi Prawns and Tamarind Fish.

The Kimchi Prawns were not that spicy as Korean Kimchi should be however the Tamarind Fish just made me fell in love, honestly! The ambiance was so cozy that it was asking for a sweet ending to my meal and therefore I went a step ahead saying good bye to my diet and ordered Peanut Butter and Chocolate Mouse, My God, it was ahmaazzzzzinnng! That was a good decision and a nice trade to run some extra miles in the gym. And oh by the way, the staff was kind enough to offer us complimentary drinks and taking full advantage of that, I order their another hit Mix Daiquri.

Overall if I rate Grotto, then it would be an 8.5/10, hence, highly recommended.



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