Tang Own Mother’s Day With a Thoughtful Surprise!


This Sunday, the world was celebrating mother’s day, a day dedicated to new moms, stay at home moms, single moms, working moms even those dads who are mommy men.

Dedicating a day to honor and celebrate the beautiful women who raised us and set an example of how strong and selfless are two virtues you can possess when you take on the lifelong duty of being someone’s mother. There’s no degree in the world that can prepare you for this job, you can’t negotiate the hours, you just give it your all and do the best you can. So for someone whose gone out of their way to excel at this job, how does one thank their mother for being who they are and for loving us unconditionally even when we didn’t deserve it? What gift can suffice for their long term investment in their kids who are just about broke all the time, because they probably spent all that money on food probably.

The answer is: there is no gift with a monetary value big enough to thank your mother. You can never pay them back ever for what they’ve done for you. But what you can do for that one day is recognize their efforts and make any gestures that would simply put a smile on their face. Yes, you can do that with your sad little bank account.

This Mother’s day what Tang was doing really caught my eye. The hashtag #FromMetoMom, was everywhere engaging people to send their mom a sweet surprise in a Tang bottle – their words for their moms and also to record a message that was sent to the moms on Mother’s Day.

This was Tang’s collaboration with TCS Sentiments that was simple yet effective. It was a sweet gesture that involved your feelings to make your mom feel amazing!

After all, Mother’s day is all about those sweet gestures that touch her heart because you remembered to do something for her.


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