We live in a society where we see different circumstances and meet different people every day. Everyone is blessed with a unique quality. Who here is not inspired by Muniba Mazazri? She is the best example who exudes positive vibes all day. She is in fact, as human and everyone has ups and downs in their life but only few of them are able to make it through the day.

Our society is full of norms like disable people are not the part of society, they are useless or etc. Yes. This is the sad reality of our society. Now-a-days advertising agencies/companies are targeting such topics to gain the attention of the audience- that’s what we see in Blue Band’s new ad. The ad is very simple and its targeting audience is kids.

This TVC is mainly focusing on the generation who will help build this country in the future. It is discussing the building blocks that are require by any society for a better future. In the ad when the mother sees her kid, that he is doing his work by one hand and not using other hand, she got confused and curious about it. Mother do keep an eye on their children even on every member of her family to make sure things are going in a right place. In the ad, when mother sees her kid that he is playing throw ball with one hand , and not only him but rest of the kids are doing same thing, this increase her curiosity that how come kids are playing like that.

Noteworthy of Human Values:

While kids were playing, a kid enters who is physically disable and then things starts to make a sense to his mother even to the viewers as well. Kids invite him to play with them without any reason of bulling or etc. It’s a brilliant concept shown by the BLUE BAND AD and importance to the values of human rights and by breaking the norms of the society.

Amazing Message with a Great Story-Line:

The ad conveys a beautiful message of being empathetic instead of being sympathetic. We need to show our support towards these physically or mentally challenged people. One should show more compassion towards these kids. Every day we come across many people in our society that need our support, we show step forward rather than giving up on them. At the end, the emphasis on “keep spreading goodness” (achayi barhne do) makes it lucidly clear.




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