Coke Studio’s Tajdar-e-Haram crosses 100 million views on Youtube!


Coke Studio, a singing platform, established by Coca-Cola Company. A melodic journey comprising of 10 seasons. It has given us many memorable songs in those 10 years.

Atif Aslam’s qawali song from season 8 which has broken all records for Pakistan origin content, by becoming the first song to cross one hundred million views on YouTube. Folks went crazy from the day it was released. This song is the crystal view of the iconic music platform Coke Studio, also symbolizing core vision of it.

Besides crossing the 100 million views milestone. Tajdar-e-Haram has received over 5 million engagements and has been viewed in no less than 186 countries across the world.

Tajdar-e-Haram’s initials chords produce organic melody of a qawwali that has been forever etched in the very soul of the enthusiast of the genre. This melodic qawwali is indulged with the rhythm of the tabla by Babar Ali Khanna and the prognosticate dominance of the tempo provided by Arsalan Rabbani on the harmonium. This 10 minute rendition creates an almost hypnotic trance hat engulfs listeners through its sheer magnetism.

“Coke Studio continues to break records and over the years it has driven the cultural leadership agenda of Pakistan, celebrating diversity while bridging barriers relevant to the youth of today,” stated Rizwan U. Khan, General Manager, Coca-Cola Pakistan, adding, “now we are looking forward to Season 11 next year raising the bar even higher.


Well, things are getting ever bigger now. Afreen Afreen song by Legendary Rahat Fathe Ali Khan and young sensation Momina Mustehsan, from Coke Studio Season 9 which has so far got 99 million views and is all set to achieve the 100 million views soon.

Coke Studio sprays a musical conversation through iconic storytelling. Successful fusions of musical conventions has been plugged by mixing old and new artists as well as traditional and modern sounds. It has produced phenomenal music styles from diversified artists and times in Pakistan’s musical history.

“Strings” took over the control and was the executive producers for Seasons 6 to 10, whose contribution to the growth of Pakistan’s most iconic music platform was significant, strengthening further the foundation of the future journey of Coke Studio.



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