National ka Pakistan is taking all of you on an unforgettable journey of scrumptious food to devour along with soulful music with the two maestros in their fields – Chef Saadat Siddiqi & renowned music producer Shuja Haider.

The 5th Season of National ka Pakistan has been released and if you love food and your country (which of course you do, DUH!!) You really need to watch the show.

The show begins from the province of Sindh where Chef Saadat takes you through Kot Digi Fort. This time he wanted to give you all an insight of smaller cities & districts of Sindh. He also stopped by at Tando Alam to try their famous Sajji which is famous by the tagline “Koi Tando Alam aaye aur Sajji na khaaye!”

You’ll also get to listen to melodious tunes of Interior Sindh while Shuja Haider explores music in the episode. He filmed the traditional music creation techniques like playing tunes with clay pots. The show stopper of this episode was the new composition “O Sunaa” that Shuja Haider composed in collaboration with a Sindhi folk singer.

Nathiya Gali and Mardan were the pit stops in the 2nd episode. 2nd episode was all about exploring these two places

Chef Saadat met a guide through Natinal’s Facebook page who took him to different places in Nathiya Gali.

A Nathiya Gali trip would surely seem incomplete until your car gets stuck in snow, so yes! The car broke. Chef Saadat went to Taj Hotel to try their famous and most highly recommended Patakha Chicken which indeed was a Patakha full of flavours!

Mardan was explored along with another guide, the highlight of Mardan were the famous Chapli Kebabs. Takht-i-Bahi was also featured in the episode along with Mardan’s famous fresh and organic Strawberries and crockery made from Bamboo and Chic.

Featuring Rawalpindi, the 3rd episode took us on a tour of famous Banni Bazar and the amazing street food over there. Chef Saadat loved Rawalpindi’s staple food “Bakar Khani”.

This time, Shuja explored Punjab’s music and found a beautiful voice in a small district Kot Amir Khan located near Lahore. The episode ended at a melodic note with a beautiful song by Mubeen Akbar and Shuja Haider.

The largest province of Pakistan, Balochistan, came under spot light in the 4th episode. The journey began from Chaman Border (the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan). If your stomach is rumbling with hunger and you’re lucky enough to be near Chaman Border, don’t step back on the humongous Naan there, it’ll be a complete meal!

Balochistan has beautiful tunnels and railway stations. Group 4×4 helped Chef Saadat in exploring the mountainous areas and would be an adventure to watch itself.

He went to the heavily populated and beautifully enveloped between mountains – Hazara district.

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