HUM TV bags most nominations at 17th Annual Lux Style Awards


LUX Style Awards organize huge platform each year for Pakistani media industry to represent themselves on a large scale. With each passing year things are getting bigger and phenomenal. Each year LUX Style Awards nomination categories includes Film, Music, Fashion and dramas from respective TV channels. This year big twist has arrived, which is HUM TV is on the front line dominating LUX Style awards television nominations.

HUM TV started its transmission in the year 2005 as a television channel and now it is recognized as one of the best drama channel not only in Pakistan but also around the globe. Since past few years HUM TV is standing on top of the cliff in terms of producing outstanding drama serials. Due to which HUM TV dramas and telefilms have come under the spotlight by hooking more than half of the total nominations announced by the 17th LUX Style Awards this week. They have gotten 16 out of the 30 nominations that have been announced yet.


HUM TV’s drama serials are not only strong in terms of direction and production but also they hold strong content which makes it the most related and absorbing for an average Pakistani citizen.


HUM TV being a big slice of LUX Style awards in 2018, with prodigious topping of television like Sang-e-Mar Mar, O Rangreza, Yaqeen Ka Safar and Alif Allah Aur Insaan dominates the television nomination on a large scale. Each of them possess different genres like romance, family relationships, thrill, comedy etc. From art direction to story boarding every chunk is baked so perfectly that audience crave to watch them and are all posit to vote for their favorite drama serial in the coming week.

Pakistani’s entertainment industry has made enterprising changes over the past few years, but HUM TV hasn’t change the modus operandi by balancing the concentration of stellar drama series it produce every year. HUM TV roast its content to the death level of perfection, therefore has proven to be one of Pakistan’ s top entrainment channel, serving as the average consumer’s problem solver through the underlying message with each quaff of series.

The annual LUX Style Awards 2018 for excellence in Fashion, Film, Music and Television will be held next month in Lahore and can be seen on national television.


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