Ghughi- A Potent Hindu-Muslim Love Chronicle


We have been hearing stories of wars and conflicts since our childhood. Either its between two neighboring countries or either between two random states, one thing is common among them which is each time women have been the center of the obscenity. The cruel and exploitation abuse act of our society always target our women.

Pakistan and India partition war was a remarkable event of the world’s history. A lot of people got influenced by the partition story and they ended up writing novels on it. A great novel “PINJAR” based on the story of Pakistan and India’s partition written by Amrita Pritam. Pinjar is considered the best novel of that genre, winning many awards for its realistic and heart wrenching portrayal of an innocent young girl kidnapped to avenge a family’s honor. Many women over the years could readily identify with the heroine Nirmala and the torment she suffered.

TvOne channel came up with a drama “Ghughi” based on the story taken from PINJAR novel. The story has been modified by Amna Mufti, and script has been directed by Shahzad Javed.

Ghughi is a story of passionate love, unbridled hate and vicious enmity. Set against the violent upheaval of Partition, the serial has many soul stirring songs and glimpses of the vibrant culture of the sub-continent.

Like Pinjar, Ghughi raises an important question for society:

Why must a woman always be sacrificed at the altar of a man’s ego or his thirst for revenge?

Ghughi is directed by Iqbal Husain and produced by Adnan Siddiqui and Akhtar Hasnain. Ghughi stars Adnan Siddiqui and Amar Khan.

TvOne is proud to present Ghughi – a timeless masterpiece showcasing intense chemistry between two people of opposite cast and religion. A potent love Chronicle is definitely going to be an amazing production.

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